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We stock a large assortment of both Interior, Exterior, and Storm doors at all of our locations. And our Special Order Selection is second to none. We partner with industry leaders like ThermaTru, Masonite, and Waudena to bring you the highest quality Steel and Fiberglass Entry doors on the market. And our selection of Interior door from manufactures like JeldWen, Stallion, Koch and Co. and many others insure you get exactly what you’re looking for.
(Some suppliers not available at all locations)

Interior Doors

Whether it a simple flush oak door or a raised panel Hickory door with custom etched glass, prefinished to your specifications can get you what you’re looking for. Along with a vast selection of jamb options, hardware colors, prefinishing, and styles, we can provide the products to make your project one of a kind.

Exterior Doors

Get the best Efficiency, Security, Durability, and Beauty with an exterior entry system from Akin Building Centers. Choose from a wide selection of designs, materials, components, and finish options. We’ve already found the top manufacturers to offer, so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality available. Let our sales staff help you design the best solution for your project.


You’ll find a large selection off storm doors from Larson Mfg. in stock and ready to go. With many choices of color, size, and ventilation styles it’s not surprising that Larson Mfg. is the #1 selling storm door.


Looking for a rugged and attractive solution for your exterior basement entrance? A Bilco Basement door from Akin Building Center is the answer.


Midland Garage Door manufactures a complete line of top quality, rugged steel Residential and Commercial overhead doors. Since 1978 they have focused on providing outstanding customer service and the best garage doors money can buy.


We keep a large selection of Schlage and Dexter locksets on hand in a number of styles and finishes. We also stock all your door stops, bumpers, peep sites, and closures to make your project complete.

A Note About Condensation

The moisture that appears in cold weather on the interior of windows and patio doors can block your view, drip on floors, or freeze on the glass. It can be an annoying problem. While it may seem natural to blame windows or doors, interior condensation is really an indication of excess humidity in the home. The important thing to realize is that if excessive humidity is causing window condensation, it may also be causing problems elsewhere in your home.

Some simple tips to reducing condensation in the winter months are:

  • Turn down or off humidifiers
  • Vent all gas appliances, clothes dryers, and exhaust fans outside
  • Make sure crawl spaces are vented or have a good vapor barrier
  • Run exhaust fans when you cook, and also when you shower and bathe
  • Avoid storing firewood inside
  • Run ceiling fans at low speed to provide air movement
  • Open drapes and window shades to allow air to draw off moisture.

Find the Akin Near You

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